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Select Boat Name/ID Issue Reported by Date Reported Completed?
Sculling Blades Need aplan to repaint at least the 1st set of good quad blades and any others that need doing martin 27th October 2010 Completed 2x8s,2xquads
all boats Need to check shoe-screw tightness. Martin Leach 30th November 2011 ongoing
Westcoast One The impellor for the speed coach is missing and another needs purchasing and fitting on. Mark Gale 8th April 2014 Mark DONE
Blades Now we have completed the immediate target of completely repainting 2xsets of 8s and 2x sets of Quad blades, we need to see which of the remainder should be done and when. Thereafter we need to set up an annual blade audit to assess the need for rep Martin Leach 27th June 2014
westcoast one There is a hole in the hull - rigger bolt sized - it has been marked with tape Nick Hunt 10th July 2014 Fixed 20 Jul
Octopussy Today I corrected the pin alignments of 7 & 2 and left them at 2+/2+ degrees. Chris our school boatman reckons they should be 0/0 but after having given some bending power with the school enforcer I thought it best not to bend anymore! However I then Mark Gale 13th July 2014
Lurker The wooden sholder on stroke side at bow is splitting and the wood is coming loose from the carbon fibre section below. On bow side a metal bolt has been added in the past. A similar repair may fix may be required on stroke side TimD 16th July 2014 Fixed 20 Jul
Lurker Steering alignnment could do with checking as not turning evenly in both directions TimD 16th July 2014 Fixed 20 Jul
Heartyman The splashboard is rotten. Currently held together with tape but could do with a more permanent repair. TimD 16th July 2014 Jerry wil undertake repairs. Do not use boat until
Octopussy The nut on the gate at number 7 which keeps the blade in has come off - been advised that the best thing to do is replace the gate as a whole as not possible to put on a new nut only. Pete has said that he probably has an old spare gate alternatively Nick 7th November 2014
None Just testing new distribution list Jackie 7th November 2014
Brown Quad Blades One of the bow side blades has a large crack which will need repairing TimD 22nd January 2015
Blades Some of the sculling blades are set to different inboard lengths. It would be worth checking to ensure they are at least consistent for each set. TimD 22nd January 2015
Bill Mason New pair of shoes required at stroke. Andy Devine 22nd February 2015 Completed
Octopussy New shoes required at stroke Andy Devine 22nd February 2015 Completed
Westcoast One Small hole on stern end requires filling Andy Devine 22nd February 2015 fixed
Bill Mason Numerous holes and cracks on hull need filling and painting Andy Devine 22nd February 2015
Lurker Wooden splash deck at bow requires rubbing down and revarnishing Andy Devine 22nd February 2015 Completed June 2015
Westcoast One Steering Shoe is broken and bow side rigger at bow is mis alligned Nick H 11th August 2015 Completed 16 Aug 2015
Westcoast One The impellor for the speed coach is missing and another needs purchasing and fitting on. Mark Gale 16th August 2015
Sculling Blades - t The overall length of each set are different for each set of blades and these needs adjusting to either be the same across all 3 sets or set differently for a reason the whole club agrees to and we can stick to. To be discussed at the committee meeti Mark Gale 16th August 2015
KGV 007 The stroke side rack has come out and needs fixing with a No.8 or 01 countersunk bolt. Alternatively the whole rack needs moving and new screw fixing holes drilling, simpler to replace with a bolt which I will look out for Sunday morning. The boat ca Mark Gale 16th December 2015 Completed
None Just testing the system J 16th December 2015 Still testing
Lurker one of the foot straps in Lurker - either at 2 or 3 is no longer attached Sarah Searle 1st February 2016
N/A Cox box keeps breaking up when turned up. I think it is our Cox box as when we have used a school box it is fine. The Cox box has been refurbished once before and had battery replaced so probably we will have to purchase a new one Nick Hunt 4th February 2016 Completed, new Cox box purchased April 2016
Martin Leach Steering shoes seem loose and require tightening. Elisabeth Allin 11th April 2016 Completed
West coast one Footplate at no. 2 position broken and left ? shoe at no. 1 to be checked Elisabeth 7th May 2016 Completed
Lurker Wooden foot board loose at bow seat Andy Devine 12th June 2016 Completed
KGV006 Wooden packers under slide at bow rotten, need replacing Andy Devine 12th June 2016 Replaced, completed
KGV006 Shoes at bow need replacing. Andy Devine 12th June 2016 Completed
Martin Leach Dings on hull need rubbing gown and filling. Andy Devine 12th June 2016 Filled, just needs final rubbing down
Martin Leach Impeller needs fitting. Andy Devine 12th June 2016 Completed
Martin Leach Steering wire snapped, needs replacement section. Andy Devine 24th July 2016 Steering wire replaced 15 Aug 16
Heartyman Bow ball has become detached. I found it under the boat. It has snapped where the screw goes through so needs some rebuilding Nick Hunt 4th August 2016 Boat sold no longer on fleet
Heartyman The left shoe at Stroke is only held on loosley by one screw - I have taken the footplate out and will pop down hopefully before sunday to fix it Nick Hunt 4th August 2016 Boat sold no longer on fleet
Westcoast one Maureen and Tim reported that they had to tighten up some screws on the seat at 3 - hopefully I will have a look when I go down to fix Heartyman shoes Nick Hunt 4th August 2016
Martin Leach Whenever I steer the whole footplate structure creaks (mainly for the first 50 strokes and now on at least 5 separate sessions) when I push down on the legs and not always that hard, is this only me this is happening to? The noise to me means someth Mark Gale 7th August 2016
Martin Leach Whilst repairing the steering wire Roger and I removed the footplate because the steering shoe was not tight down on the footplate.. But neither of us could work out how to alter it. The footplate may well eventually come off as they all do and will Mark Gale 7th August 2016 Completed
Heartyman Water is coming around the shoe area at bow seat through splits in the outer hull. These splits are in the area of a recent should replacement repair. The boat needs, derigging, left on the racks to dry out and not taking out again. There is water r Mark Gale 15th August 2016 Expenditure approved, awaiting someone to organise
Westcoast One The new rigger at 4 is sitting 40mm too low. The rigger needs wedging to raise it up as there is insufficient top washes to raise it. The pin will also need the enforcer to correct the excess inward lean when the wedge is inserted. We donít have a s Mark Gale 15th August 2016 Pin bending pipe found, awaiting help to do it sometime
KGV 002 Westcoat One the sole of one of the shoes at stroke seat is broken and needs replacing before the upcoming Heads. Elisabeth 19th October 2016 Completed 4 Dec- new shoes fitted
Westcoast One Shoes of number 2 seat broken and need replacing Elisabeth 22nd October 2016 Replaced Nov 2016
Octopussy Shoes at 3 seat need replacing. They are very old. Held together with tape and the backs of the shoes are worn so your feet slip out of the shoes. Heel restaints are not adequate. Tim D 23rd November 2016
octopussy bolt supporting the rigger at stroke currently resides at the bottom of the river about 140m on our side of kingston bridge. Needs replacement or Jacques Cousteau to come back to life and retrieve it. PAYTICK GIBSON 5th February 2017 Repaired 4 March 2017
Simon Fieldhouse Seat at 2 or 3 has 2 screws missing and is coming away from wheels Andrew T 9th February 2017 Completed, new seats fitted at 2 and 3
Simon Fieldhouse Shoes at 2 old, torn, collapsing. Andrew T 9th February 2017
West Coast One Number 2 seat not running smoothly anymore and needs replacing. Elisabeth 1st March 2017 Runners replaced 5 March 2017
West Coast One Needs runners replacing in #2 seat before being used again Geraint 1st March 2017 New runners fitted 5 March - OK
Simon Fieldhouse Shoes at stroke are size 12+. consider swapping / getting a smaller pair? Bob 3rd March 2017 Shoes replaced Oct 2017
KGSV006 - Double Stroke seat sticky as you come forward to row, prevents full leg compression. Andrew T 3rd March 2017 Completed, new seats fitted.
West Coast One Footplate of seat 1 needs looking at - looks bent and screw does not fit properly; also, steering requires adjustment before next outing - veers towards bow. Elisabeth 18th April 2017 Completed, new T bar fitted to steering.
West Coast One A screw fell out of no. 1 seat - I suspect it is either from the runners or the footplate, we could not see in the dark. Mark Gale has put it somewhere (sorry, not sure where). Needs replacing before next outing. Elisabeth 25th April 2017 Seat undercarriage screws replaced. Seat in boathouse to go back into WC1
Simon Fieldhouse Bow damage after HoD. Needs filler; new plate holder and bow ball. Following this the boat needs new tape all round. Note that Chris has provided a new steering plate and shoes which we can have as a spare. He is also looking for a couple of seats Neil 28th April 2017 Completed 13/8/17. New red tape on boat
Lurker If we have all the relevant tape we will aim to recover Lurker at the boat cleaning. Andy can you double check this. I also have canvas cleaner and waterproofing for the cover. Neil 28th April 2017 Completed, Lurker re covered
Martin Leach One wheel on Bow seat cracked/chipped. Will not roll correctly. Spare wooden seat fitted. Black seat from Martin Leach left in storage area by Box/Log. Wheel is taped up to highlight damaged area. Andrew T 15th May 2017 Completed, new wheel put on seat, seat back in Martin Leach
Martin Leach Steering shoes could do with replacing - hole in the left shoe and getting larger. Elisabeth 9th July 2017 Completed shoes replaced 6 Aug 2017
West Coast One Seat no 2 replaced with spare from boathouse. Wheel has fallen off the axle. Broken seat is at back right corner of boat house. New seat would not stay in boat when on rack, so is on ground under the boat. Craig Ibbetson 17th July 2017 Completed. New undercarriage fitted, just needs to go back into WC1.
Martin Leach 1/ Bow ball not offering enough protection to hull. 2/ front of boat underside showing signs of wear 3/ No.3 seat. Wheels cracking and not running smoothly Andrew 18th July 2017 Bow ball replaced, wheels on 3 seat replaced. 7/8/17
Lurker Bow seat is missing. Boat cannot be used at present as other seats do not seem to have the correct undercarriage size for the runners TimD 4th September 2017 Seat found
M Leach? (Under canv Runners at stroke and 3 needed to be 'nudged' back into place on Wed 6/9. Could not access nuts to tighten whilst on water Tim H 7th September 2017 Completed 22/10/17
Lurker Problem reported 7th Sept. I meant Lurker not ML! Tim H 7th September 2017 Completed 22/10/17
Simon Fieldhouse Shoes at 2 have little/no heel support. Suggest replacement at earliest opportunity. Allan Hyde 24th September 2017 Shoes replaced 8 Oct 2017
SImon Fieldhouse Shoes need replacing in seats 2 and 3 - elastic is worn and ripped at the back of the shoe - shoes are too dig, even for my size 11s NB it is urgent if we are to use it in upcoming head races Paul Bridge 24th September 2017 Shoes replaced 8 Oct 2017
Simon Fieldhouse There is a crack in the sax board by bow seat on the bow side Jackie 24th September 2017
Westcoast One Bow seat is badly broken and unusable. We have taken it off Jackie 24th September 2017 Seat now ok 15/10/17
Martin Leach Steering cable snapped. Andrew Tanner 1st October 2017 Cable repaired 4 Oct 2017
Simon Fieldhouse The wire guide near the bow seat has come unfixed again. Steering is not working. Craig Ibbetson 2nd October 2017 Fixed 9 Oct 2017
Heartyman There is a leak in the rear buoyancy tank. It appears that the leak is near or under the tape covering the join between canvas and hull half away along the bow side. Craig Ibbetson 2nd October 2017 Tape removed, holes filled, needs rubbing down, painting and new tape 22/10/17
KGSVBC 006 Slight crack in upper sax board - bow side of stroke seat Stroke side shoulder of stroke seat appears to be crumbling away by the screw heads - a piece almost came away in my hand when we were derrigging on Saturday - appears to only be held in pl Louise Sealy 15th October 2017 Sent to Andre for repair and replacement shoulders hopefully due back 9 Sept 2018
blue set blades Rubber handle on one oar has a hole in it and rubber looks as if its beginning to perish Louise Sealy 15th October 2017
KGV015 Wheels on the bow and #2 seat need looking at and potentially replacing. Elisabeth 2nd November 2017 Boat taken out on Sunday, seats ok 5/11/17
KGSV 007. double New seat is sticking in runners badly. Very difficult to Row smoothly as coming forward is catching in multiple places. As itís a new seat I think new runners required. Bow side gate felt a little bit loose and from time to time started cre Andrew Tanner 28th November 2017 New runners fitted 2/9/18
Blue quad blades Handles are in mixed condition with cracks and gashes in the rubber. lucky dip whether you get stuck with one of the dodgy ones on your outing. Could the whole set get newer equal condition handles? Andrew T 28th November 2017
KGV015 Close encounter with a mooring structure near Walbrook led to footplate in #2 seat being ripped - only one of the 4 holes is still intact - needs replacement. Also, there is a fine crack in the outer surface of the boat between bow and #2 seat that n Elisabeth 30th November 2017 repaired by Andre, ready to row. 12/5/18
Octopussy may be a problem with the wiring for cox box across the join between stern & bow four.. the mic only works intermittently & Mark has swapped it out & tried a different mic but still same problem so appears to be wiring issue & not the box/mic itself Louise Sealy 5th January 2018 Fixed working ok
Octopussy New shoes at 3 and 4 would be very helpful! Anna Janik 11th January 2018
Octopussy The soles of the shoes at stroke have split across the ball of the foot, so are quite uncomfortable and liable to disintegrate further. Bob Prothero 18th January 2018
Octopussy Number 5 seat: The black thingy at the bottom of the boat on which the footplate is screwed to was completely loose, all screws gone. I replaced one of the screws yesterday before the outing, but more need to be added, ideally on Sunday when you can Elisabeth 6th February 2018
KGSVBC 015 Bow seat wheels sticking. Andrew Devine 11th February 2018 New under carriage fitted to bow seat
Simon Fieldhouse 5th March hit a log in the dark, while rowing near the boathouse On return to the boathouse at end of outing it was discovered that the fin was missing Steering was erratic. Fin may have been pushed into the hull but most likely has been lost in t Richard Toyn 8th March 2018 Fin replaced 4/4/18
Octopussy one sole on #6 seat shoes is broken - would be good to replace. Elisabeth 11th March 2018
Simon Fieldhouse The shoes at seat no 3 are missing the "ripcord"which disconnects the velcro from both shoes at the same time in the event of a capsize. Craig Ibbetson 27th April 2018 Cord fitted 6 May
Martin Leach The shoes at seat number three are worn out. The fabric around the the toes is holed and will shortly disintegrate. Craig Ibbetson 4th June 2018
007 wheels at stroke seat get stuck on runners - probably need to be replaced. Elisabeth 14th June 2018 New runners and wedges fitted 2/9/18
Double 007 Badly bent bowside rigger in the bow position. Damaged in a collision with moored cruiser on the Hampton Court side of Kingston Road Bridge. David Milward 1st July 2018 New rigger fitted 27/8/18
Simon Fieldhouse Steering cable is broken. Spare cable is in our Vets box ready to install Tim D 22nd August 2018 Steering cable replaced 26/8/18
Simon Fieldhouse 3 screws loose (i.e. all) on bottom runner no.2 seat (the bit that the foot plate is screwed to) Elisabeth 22nd August 2018 Fixed
Grubb up deep scratch on side of boat - cannot be rowed until filled. Elisabeth 27th September 2018
West Coast One two shoe screws missing on number 2 seat (we added two other ones as the whole shoe had come off the footplate during the outing). Elisabeth 27th September 2018
Grubb Up 2 lost a rudder during vets head race - needs replacing - Geraint apparently ordering a replacement Lou Sealy 6th November 2018
West Coast One The fin is bent so the boat is drifting to bow side. It is a rubber fin and there didn't seem to be an easy way to replace it based on a quick inspection after the outing. It may be possible to straighten it. The boast is still usable. Tim Davies 18th January 2019
Grubb Up 2 Hi Andy Seat 2 sounds very 'gritty' at the top of the slide - Elisabeth suggested that I mention it to you many thanks Sarah Searle 14th February 2019
Bill Mason Sax board is damaged. Presumably from falling on WC1. Also it has no seats making it quite tricky to row Tim D 2nd April 2019
Martin Leach Shoes at #1 seat need to be replaced - almost worn out and ripping apart. No attachment for heel restraint either, making them unsafe and potentially unfit to pass inspection at races. Elisabeth 6th April 2019
Simon Fieldhouse Broken shoulder at number 4 stroke side, including damage to hull. John T is confident he can fix Nick H 14th April 2019
Simon Fieldhouse Stroke side shoulder broken at stroke seat. Supporting bar detached from sa board at bow seat. Split in side of boat at stroke seat. Andre taken 14/4/19 Andy Devine 14th April 2019
Martin Leach How shoe (steering foot) detached from footplate - now only connected by steering wire. Sarah C 31st May 2019
Martin Leach Bow steering plate detached. Just reporting this again (first reported by Sarah on 31 May) to test website as have added Lou and Richard to list of recipients Jackie 3rd June 2019
West coast 1 Badly bent bowside bow rigger - not repairable as metal has cracked Louise Sealy 4th June 2019
West Coast One Badly bent bowside bow rigger - not repairable as metal has cracked Jackie (resending Lo 4th June 2019
SFH Missing D ring on LH shoe at 2. Means unable to adjust shoe size Louise Sealy 13th July 2019
Martin Leach Can the stroke shoes be replaced? Current ones are old, stretched, and Velcro hardly works Miranda 2nd August 2019
Grubb Up screw missing from foot plate of right shoe at seat #2. Tried to screw back but inot biting in thread. Allan Hyde 28th October 2019 Fixed.