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Select Boat Name/ID Issue Reported by Date Reported Completed?
West Coast One New bow ball and repair needed RichardP 28th September 2023 New bow ball fitted. On closer inspection no repair required. 1.10.23
Derek Check stroke side rigger alignment. Roger thinks it's out of whack. RichardP 27th September 2023
Bill Mason Splashboard rotten / disintegrated and requires repair. Allan 13th September 2023 Completed (returned by Janousek 6th Nov)
007 Needs a new Empacher slot RichardP 4th September 2023 Two ordered from Oarsports (5.9.23)
Alex Fair amount of water in the hull. Left it to drain. Needs investigating. RichardP 1st September 2023 Janousek advise replacing hatch covers and filling small holes near bow ball (15.9.23)
Simon Fieldhouse Damage on side of bow section, just above the waterline. Doesn't look like it has punctured, but needs a repair. Not sure when it happened; noticed it on Sunday. RichardP 21st August 2023 Now filled (22 Oct 2023)
Simon Fieldhouse Steering cable has snapped at the footplate RichardP 21st August 2023 Fixed 23rd August
Med Hatch has disintegrated (the surround, not just the cover). Taped over as a temp repair. RichardP 9th August 2023 Roger replaced hatch 9/10/23
Blue blade set One blade has a broken collar RichardP 9th August 2023 Repair completed 6.9.23
Martin Leach Keel is bent Rachel S 21st July 2023
Martin Leach Gate washers on bow side, at bow, need checking. Rattled a lot during last outing. RichardP 12th July 2023 Checked and ok, Aug 2023
Fabulous Bow deck has been damaged, likely by being tied too tight down on to the rack. Jerry made a temporary repair but it needs better tape. Not urgent. RichardP 12th July 2023
Hanna Needs a new bow ball. It has one but about to fall off. RichardP 21st May 2023 Replaced 29/5/23
Boathouse Brian asked if we could sort the "junk" behind the boathouse to see if any can be thrown. Some of it is TDR so might need Tim's knowledge. Richard P 12th May 2023 Done May 2023
Trenchy Tape on the hull is peeling and needs attention. Not urgent. Richard P 12th May 2023
Grubb Up Handles are in mixed condition with cracks and gashes in the rubber. lucky dip whether you get stuck with one of the dodgy ones on your outing. Could the whole set get newer equal condition handles? Andrew 12th May 2023
Fabulous Steering gear needs re-fixing in the boat. Currently hanging loose. Richard P 7th May 2023 Done. Rigged as double with steering 8/10/23.
Martin Leach Steering shoe would not turn due to one of three shoe fixing screws not being fully screwed though the plate, 17/4 - screw removed to allow shoe to move and steering to function, shoe is now fixed with only 2 screws although is quite secure. Nick Hunt 18th April 2023 New steering plate fitted 22 Oct 2023
Simon Fieldhouse Check that empacher securely fitted and all other boats that should have an empacher do so. Allan 2nd April 2023 Ordered from Oarsport
007 Only three wheels on stroke seat! Swapped for a Trenchy seat as temporary fix. Richard P 23rd March 2023 007 seat repaired
Simon Fieldhouse One of the seats is coming away from its wheels; only attached on one side Richard P 20th March 2023 Replaced with spare seat 2 April
Martin Leach 1. Empacher slot needs better fixing 2. At least one of the compartment lids needs new string Richard P 20th March 2023 New screw put in Empacher. Cord fitted to stroke compartment. 2nd April 2023
Martin Leach Seat at stroke feels like wheels are shaped the threepenny bits. Annoying clack, clack, clack when on the slide. Closer inspection showed that both wheels on on side (bow, I think) are damaged Geraint 13th March 2023 New wheels fitted and seat refitted 2nd April 2023
Grubb Up Release cord for the shoes at #3 is broken. Geraint 16th February 2023 Replaced 17.2.23
Martin Leach Deep scratch on bottom of hull towards the bow. Looks fairly fresh. Not critical, but could do with some filling before it gets worse. Richard P 31st January 2023 Filled (22 Oct 2023)
Trailer New tyre needed on spare wheel Richard P 19th January 2023 Now fitted.
Martin Leach Bow shoes are in poor condition, particularly the steering shoe. Not critical yet but heading that way. Richard P 22nd November 2022 Replaced with new Neaves shoes. 2nd April 2023
Martin Leach One of the rigger fixing bolts between 2 and 3 has a stripped thread. It's ok, but we should change it sometime. Richard P 22nd November 2022 Replaced
Kgv025 - Trenchy Large whole in bow area, requires professional repair. Andrew 15th November 2022 Repaired and returned on 28.3.23
Grubb up Not urgent but the seat at number 2 makes an odd sound on the slide when a rower is seated on it. Jackie 16th September 2022 New seat fitted at maintenance session on 30th Oct
Martin Leach The stroke side shoe at 2 has almost collapsed - I'd be happy to try and stitch it back together if this would help Sarah Searle 22nd August 2022 Replaced (new insole to be fitted)
Grubb Up 2 Screws (or nuts/bolts?) holding on the Stoke coach mounting bracket have come out Rachel 13th August 2022
Grub Up 2 Shoes at the 3 seat are now in really poor condition... Could do with replacing with another yellow pair Right shoe has an ongoing issue with loose connection to the footplate (have tried to tighten screws several times but this doesn't work) Rachel 13th August 2022 Shoe replaced
Martin Leach Shoes at the 2 seat are now in really poor condition... Could do with replacing with another yellow pair Rachel 13th August 2022 Replaced (new insole to be fitted)
Grubb Up Bow ball is loose - either fix with sticky tape or replace. Elisabeth 21st July 2022 New bow ball fitted
Martin Leach Needs new shoes at bow and #2 Geraint 11th June 2022 Replaced (new insole to be fitted)
Clam Need leather hole punch to make bigger holes and then thread through a quick release cable/lace for emergency release of shoes. Andrew 5th June 2022
Derek Seat mechanism is worn/broken, and the seat sticks in the slide. Mechanism needs to be replaced, preferably with a single action model Geraint 19th May 2022 Seat replaced on Derek. I took it out this morning and seat action was very smooth.
Grubb up Replace missing crews in shoes / attachment to footplate in #3 seat. Elisabeth 11th March 2022
Aylings Double Bow split / cracked following accident. Cannot be rowed, requires repair. Allan Hyde 20th February 2022 Repair complete. Delivered back 19.3.22 (AH)
Blades The grips on both the yellow and red quad blades sets are in poor condition. Could possibly identify 8 useable ones between the two sets? The red set (noted by Andrew below) really is in a very poor state. Rachel 23rd January 2022 All blades now have identical Green handles
8 Octopussy(?) Riggers at 7 and stroke need checking and adjusting; stroke top nut came loose during outing Richard Porter 23rd January 2022
Grubb Up 2 There are some loose shoes that could not be tightened with a srewdriver (they were already at max tightness) - in the stroke seat and at 2 Rachel Simmonds 21st January 2022
Blade Handles Need 8 Green smooth finish handles to replace the ones on the Red set. Andrew 16th January 2022 All quad blades now have identical green grips
Blades Need another set of quad blades. Same as the current sets. Esp Blue/Red ones. To be ordered with the green smooth handles. (With Sponsored row on horizon and 18 attendees this Sunday we need more quad blades) Andrew 16th January 2022 New blades purchased from Concept2 (Six pairs in total). .
Martin Leach Review all seat wheels for cracks/damage. Especially no. 2 seat. Andrew 11th January 2022
Martin Leach Hatch cover at stroke does not have a string attachment Nick Hunt 11th January 2022 Fitted April 2023!
Grubb Up Grubb Up needs new rudder as top priority. The carbon fibre rudder moves freely of the turning mechanism with loads of slack. This significantly reduces the steerers ability to turn the rudder strongly in either direction Andrew 28th December 2021 New rudder and yoke fitted 9.1.22. Completed (AH)
Grubb Up 2 Rudder has excessive play, steering cables are too loose Phil Allen 28th December 2021 Excessive play due to worn shaft/yoke. As above, fitted 9.1.22. Completed. (AH)
Fabulous Needs name and number (KGV017) fitting post-refurb. Also needs backstays ordering and fitting. Andrew 28th November 2021 Completed. Numbers and Name stuck on. Backstay fitted 6.3.22 (AH).
Hanna Central footplate track broken, needs replacing. Seat tracks to be moved towards rear of boat once new central grip track fitted. Andrew 28th November 2021 Central footplates replaced by AT and Tim Davies. Tracks moved for Stroke seat. Bow seat hatch cover stuck closed so bow tracks left alone
West Coast One New backstays to be fitted and new seats required to replace that recently 'went missing.' Allan Hyde 4th November 2021 Completed by Andrew Tanner.
KGV019 Martin Leach New adjustable shoes required at no.3 seat. Allan Hyde 22nd August 2021 New Neaves shoes fitted 10th Nov. 2021 (AH)
Grubb Up 2 Requires new backstays Allan Hyde 15th July 2021 Fitted 3rd October 2021. Complete.
Simon Fieldhouse New backstays required. Allan Hyde 15th July 2021 Fitted on 27th June (retrospectively added to Repair Log)
KGV006 Hatch cover and housing broken. Allan Hyde 15th July 2021 Hatch purchased. Remains to be fitted (AH)
KGV007 Splash guard at bow almost detached (currently held in place with tape!). Requires boat yard repair. Allan Hyde 15th July 2021 Completed. returned from repair 2.8.21. (AH)
Clam The bow ball is perished and urgently needs replacing. The leaking canvas caused by 20 year old perished tape was repaired by Mark Gale with black tape on 14th July. The whole canvas needs resealing. Mark Gale 15th July 2020 Full refurb and repair complete. Delivered back 19.3.22 (AH)
Clam The canvas covering at bow has become detached and lets in water. It need securing before being used again. When I racked it on Sunday a pint of water ran out of the bow ball area! Mark Gale 13th July 2020 Full refurb and repair complete. Delivered back 19.3.22 (AH)