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Marlow Spring Regatta 2010

First set of photos and captions thanks to Philip ...and next set thanks to Peter

Make way.....KGS Vets coming through

It’s lovely out there – you’ll really enjoy it

Field of dreams

Geraint’s shorts and nettles – it was never going to be a good mix

I’d keep that jacket on if I was you Neil it might be wet out there

They’ll never notice if one of their blades is missing

Still think you should have kept that jacket on Neil...it’s going to get wet

Lynn learns a bit too much about Mark’s home videos !

One of these two ran a marathon last week ....can you tell which one ?!

The team.....hang on, wait a minute ......

There’s only seven of us !

KGS vets decide to try a six stroke side 1 bow side configuration.

Phew – the magnificent “8” are off

The Magnificent Cox

Looks like a mill pond - what were Jackie and Mark talking about ?

The dream machine is off

Final prayers

Practice makes perfect - better late than never

Seven second start ?????!

If you look closely you can just see the Marlow cox.........

...there he is !

Did we win ?

No. Good effort though.

Let’s have another go.

Field of shattered dreams

It might not be champagne but this tea tastes good !

It was a tactical decision of course not to be in the final.

We could have ‘ad them ..couldn’t we ?

And here are Peter's pics ...